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Production Worker-General

San Jacinto, CA

Order: 232455
Temp - > 30 Hrs

Job Title: Foundry Production Workers
Location: San Jacinto, CA
Schedule: 4/10 schedule; Monday- Thursday from 3:00PM to 1:30AM.
Pay: $13.75 an hour

Job Description:
•Assists in Melting and casting Aluminum
•Using hand held tools skims impurities from molten metal molds, furnace runners and boxes.
•Using cranes moves material or finished goods from casting pits to designated location.
•Assists in maintenance/cleaning of equipment as needed.
•Assists in preparations for casting metal by preparing tools, coating molds, and runners.
•Hauls materials from storage or production areas to furnace production areas as required.

To Apply please visit our website: www.manpowerriverside.com
For more information please call our office at 951-308-2686