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Software Engineer


Order: 226755
Temp - > 30 Hrs

Job Overview:

Engineering Services Data Analytics Group maintains a group of data analytics systems and platform critical to the success of our customers and the company. We are looking for a talented and passionate software engineer who will be responsible for working on a number of these systems within our multidisciplinary group. The software development work will range from managing, processing and querying large data sets through to machine learning, analysis and visualization of that data. We are looking for an engineer who is interested in developing on the full stack of these systems, from the database code all the way through to the frontend UI. There is also scope for creativity and influence when it comes to requirements, design and implementation. As a group, we have the philosophy of always trying to use and develop the best tool for the job. As such, engineers are often responsible for evaluating and recommending technology to use on current and future projects and we encourage constant learning to ensure that our engineers are always on the cutting edge of what technology can achieve for our customers.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related technical field Understanding of database principles, SQL, and experience working with one of the popular database platforms. Excellent ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical people about ideas, progress and issues

Preferred Qualifications:

preferred: Master at least one of the programming languages : Python, Java, R, C++ Experience on JavaScript framework such as React, AngularJS Experiences on Restful API development Experiences on Elastic search configuration, index design and query optimization Experience with cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or similar